Thursday, August 9, 2007

A rant

/Rant on

Alright, so I'm probably going to get a 3-hour suspension or something, but oh well. I'm pissed.

So I'm pugging ZF, as I have been doing a lot lately. Normally I have excellent groups, but tonight there was this asshole warrior in the group. He repeatedly got tons of crap on him and then got pissed when I couldn't keep him alive. Mind you, I'm sole healing this instance, and as a shadow priest my heals aren't exactly mana efficient. So yeah...I was running out of mana. And he was dying. He only died twice the entire run...but as we were heading to the last boss (the one after the pyramid stairs, not Gahzrilla), he pulls 4 things on him while I'm at half mana. He dies...and then starts laying into me. His comments "Did you dot? Did you dps? That's mana you could have used for healing."

Now FYI, no I didn't dot, and I didn't dps, I spent my mana trying to keep his fat ass alive. There was more said, and I called him some choice words by the end (hence the likelihood of the ban), and then I promptly hearthed and I hope they had to abandon that instance after I left.

What I really hate in this game are a bunch of loser people who think that it's ALWAYS the healers fault when A) Anything goes wrong, and B) When anyone dies.

Learn to play your class, and stop blaming the healers.

/Rant off


MMOROG said...

Sorry to hear about the lousy group.

It's exactly this sort of experience that I've given up with PUGs in WoW. =(

Samownall said...

Phew - im scared now. No longer will I swear at retarded paladins :) Nice blog - ive linked to it and would love a link back.

Samownall - Wow

Lamthara said...

these things happens because you don't teach them to go when you say go.

Usually i teach them... you go when i will tell you :) if you pull and i'm half of mana, it's your fault (but after all the fact they have higher repair bills should make them think more :P)

There is no reason to get angry anyway ^^ take it as it comes... sometimes people take it too seriously, so don't be one of them :)

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