Sunday, July 22, 2007

Thought I'd give a quick update on what we've been up to!

Our alts hit 40 and we got our mounts! I'm stuck with that damn "chicken" again, but at least Sev got a pally mount. We each then hit 41 but unfortunately Sev seems to have completely lost interest in playing the game. He's gone back to playing our Wii, and just finished Zelda (which we've had for months).

My alt is now 42 and I find soloing with a priest to be excruciating. I've been trying to run instances instead, but I'm now too high for SM and too low for anything else. I think my leveling progress is going to slow waaay down. Oh well.

I did log into my old character yesterday to find that our guild was disbanded. No real loss there for me, as we were only in the guild because a RL friend was in it. I have no idea why they disbanded though....the guild always seemed very laid back and no real drama. Perhaps the whole casual vs. wanting to raid thing was an issue in the guild; I was never around enough to really find out the dynamics of the guild.

I do hope to one day hit 70 with my priest. That's looking to be an incredibly tedious process.