Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Last of the Dings

Yeah, you guessed it, we finally hit level 70 after 5 and a half months of playing these characters. We have levelled characters faster in the past, but so many real life things came up lately that we just did not have the time to dedicate like before. But, alas, we have maxed out another set of characters. what?

I am sure other people have experienced this problem. You reach level 70. You do all the quick fun things you get to do when you hit a level cap like buy flying mounts and purchase your last skills. You get congratulations from your guild and friends. But...then what? Your primary goal for the last 10+ days of played time is complete! All your efforts have come to fruition...and you don't know what to do next.

Well, that has happened to us again. We reached level 70 a few days ago and for the last couple days the desire to play has sadly diminished a bit. But, on a positive note, I think the desire is already coming back because we started thinking about all the things we want to complete:

Kharzhan Key
Epic Flying Mounts (Netherdrake FTW!)
Kick Ass Equipment

Anyways, on that note, it's time to experience the new World of Warcraft endgame.


Sinker said...


Krono's said...

get revered with major factions, ya gonna need it anyhow

lower city
keepers of time

think those are it